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In the final analysis, only people design and build plants. Only people - the right team of competent professionals - turn concept into reality. Quality of results rides on the quality of people.

Thomas B. Burket, P.E.

Executive Vice President

Managing Principal

Senior Project Manager/

Principal Mechanical Engineer

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Over 39 years professional experience in all aspects of executive management, financial management, project management, engineering management, and project control, scheduling and estimating for light to heavy industrial facilities projects in the petroleum, power, petrochemical, cogeneration, pipeline, chemical, telecommunications, aerospace, heavy civil, manufacturing, construction and related industries.  Mr. Burket also has extensive Claims Management experience..


Project experience includes:

·            NOx (SCR) removal facilities including continuous emissions monitoring, systems, and low NOx burner installations.

·            Design and installation of a CO/O2 analyzer system at a calcined coke kiln.

·            Preliminary engineering and feasibility study for a waste heat boiler steam bypass line, including a new auxiliary condenser, at a calcined coke kiln.

·         Coke calciner additions and modifications, including baghouse additions and modifications

·            Pipeline projects including slip-lining existing gas and oil pipelines.

·            Tank farm additions and modifications

·            Refinery DCS control system including reinstrumentation interfacing to new Honeywell TDC-3000 system with hot cutovers.

·            Gas compressor stations including Wheeler Ridge

·            Modifications to restore to operation a pipeline pig launching and receiving station

·            Oil field steam flood, enhanced recovery and expansion projects including gathering, distribution, and oil/gas separation and treating facilities.

·            Planning and feasibility studies for the evaluation of new pipelines and expansion of existing pipelines, including economic evaluation and justification analysis.

·            Vapor recovery system projects, including modifications to existing facilities.

·            Refinery and power plant control room/operator shelter additions and modifications.

·            Water treatment facilities, demineralizers, clarifiers, filter presses, oil/water separators, pH control and storm water retention and treatment.

·            Fire protection system projects, including modifications to and expansion of existing facilities to meet current NFPA codes.

·            Geothermal, solar, gas, oil, coal, and nuclear power generating facilities.

·            Design/mapping for a 120 mile dual fiber, diverse route fiber optic underground conduit and cable system installation from Riverside, Ca. to San Diego, Ca., including regen sites.

·            Design of the Kerosene (rocket fuel) Transfer System for the Home Port of U.S. Sea Launch.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.


Steven C. Smith, P.E.

Principal Senior Project Manager

Principal Electrical / Controls Engineer

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Over 39 years of experience in engineering management in addition to engineering and project management for the petrochemical industry.  He specializes in petroleum refining, pipeline transportation and terminal facilities.

Project experience includes:

·            Project Manager/ Project Sponsor  for 9 separate projects involving plant modifications and installation of new Honeywell TDC 3000 Distributed Control System (DCS).  Projects included replacing existing pneumatic instruments with new electronic instruments, added new instrumentation and terminated the instruments at new TDC 3000 system.

·            Project Manager on a study to completely automate the Defense Fuel Supply Facilities at San Pedro, California.  The facilities included marine loading and offloading, pumping stations, underground storage tanks and tank truck loading.

·            Engineering and programming of PLC system to fully automate Arco’s new Phoenix, Arizona truck loading facilities.  Included automated control valves, motor sequencing controls,and interface to terminal computer system.

·            Provided consulting on various PLC control systems for pipeline compressor and pump stations including Wheeler Ridge.

·            Corporate Project Sponsor for a new “grass roots”, fully automated paint manufacturing plant in Victorville, California.  Facility included materials receiving, storage, mixing, and container filling systems.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·            Project Manager for major microwave communications project for U.S. Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, California.  System included 3 microwave backbone stations and 12 end user stations.  Also included multiconductor cable and fiber optic distribution.

·            Engineering and design of a new six lane tank truck bottom loading rack and conversion of two existing top loading racks to bottom loading.  Included was all new piping, metering systems, fire protection and automation systems.

·            Project Manager/Engineer for new eight lane tank truck bottom loading rack and six position rail car loading facility.

·            Project Manager for a new 50 mile, 12 inch petroleum products pipeline from LaPlata to Milan, Missouri.  The project included route selection, title search, preparation, acquisition, permitting, condemnation support, damage settlement, surveying, design/mapping, and construction coordination.  The project involved approximately 200 ownership’s.


Gregory S. Reimer, P.E.

Principal Civil/Structural Engineer

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Over 36 years professional experience in all aspects of civil/structural engineering and construction management for light to heavy industrial facilities projects in the petroleum, power, cogeneration, heavy civil, manufacturing, construction and related industries. In addition, he has extensive experience with commercial projects. Mr. Reimer’s project experience includes the design and management of seismic retrofitting of over 300 buildings.


Recent structural  experience includes:

·            High pressure gas pipeline bridge inspections and structural engineering repair details for a 26” gas pipeline crossing over the LA County flood control – Los Angeles River in Downey.

·         Engineering analysis and design for structural steel and aluminum pedestrian spur platform structure additions in and around the power circuit breaker at Southern California Edison’s Serrano Substation.

·         Structural engineering design of pool lighting structures installed around Brea Olinda Unified School District’s swimming pool.

·         Structural engineering design, including foundation design, of a steel stack support tower for two truck mounted electric generators at the Indalex (Indalloy Casing Group) facility in the City of Industry.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Design of secondary containment systems.

·         Design of aboveground and underground tank foundations.

·         Design of pipe support systems including pipe bridges.

·         Equipment foundation design including steel platforms.

·         Design of engineered retaining walls.

·         Seismic analysis and retrofitting of structures and buildings.


R. J. Leek

Design Manager,

Principal Designer,

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

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Over 27 years of professional experience in all aspects of engineering and design for petroleum refining and distribution, utilities, aerospace industries, mechanism and machine design, project management, mechanical, electrical and infrastructure design and drafting projects.

Examples of Mr. Leek's project experience include:

·            Design and engineering support for a 2000 GPM Fire Pump addition to the water system at a county landfill.

·            Design and engineering support for a new replacement potable and firewater system servicing the administration building at a county landfill.

·            Design and drafting of the utility routing and connection to a new office trailer at a county landfill.

·            Design and engineering support for the pad design/development, utility routing and installation for a new reclaimed methane gas flare system at a former county landfill.

·            Design and engineering support for a 100 GPM booster pump to an existing tank farm foam fire protection system for a natural gas company.

·            Design and engineering support for a pole mounted rail spur lighting system for a large mining company operation and as the power distribution to the lighting system.

·            Design and engineering support for an emergency replacement of a gas line for a municipal transit authority repair yard.

·            Drafting support for the electrical design of power distribution to sump pumps at a hazardous waste facility.

·            Drafting support for the electrical design of power distribution to a private golf course.

·            Drafting and engineering support for the electrical design of power distribution to new methane gas collection and control system at a closed landfill.

·            Drafting support for a military facility underground storage tank surface access retrofit.

·            Design and engineering support for the design of an H-3 clean room at a food processing facility.

·            Design and engineering support for the design of Health Department mandated changes for a supermarket's food serving areas and coolers.

·            Design and engineering support for the generation of documentation required for a supermarket to petition for an update to their business license and their liquor license renewal.

·            Design and engineering support for the analysis of air flow within a die casting factory and the generation of a ventilation design to address the problem within client's restraints.

·            Design and engineering support for the replacement of burners and blowers for two kilns for a large mining company operation.

·            Design and engineering support and design of the control philosophy for the replacement of two firewater pumps and the associated hydrant system at an underground gas storage facility.

·            Design and engineering support for the addition of booster pump & control system at an underground gas storage facility.



Vinod K. Varma, P.E.

Principal Process Engineer

Senior Project Manager

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Over 45 years of experience in Process/Project Engineering and Engineering Management in the Petroleum, petrochemical, gas processing, and alternate energy industries. His experience includes worldwide project start-ups and comissioning.

Examples of Mr. Varma’s project experience include:

·            Process engineering and review of a diesel hydrotreater revamp project for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana to produce low sulfur (o.o5 wt. %) diesel product.

·         Process review of a new Merox unit for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana.

·         Process review of a new sulfur plant (75 LTD) for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana, including the revamp of a Scot tail gas unit.

·         Process review of a new hydrogen plant using PSA technology for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana.

·         Process review of all utilities, offsites, tankage and blending system for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Process engineering for a revamp of a 80MM SSCFD capacity glycol dehydration unit for the Hondo Platform of Exxon USA.

·         Facilitated the HAZOPS review for a major grassroots titanium metal production facility for TIMET Corp. at Henderson, Nevada.

·         Review of process design and process flowsheets for the crude and vacuum unit revamp for BP Oil Company at Alliance, Louisiana; unit capacity is 230,000 BPD.

·         Manager of Process/Project Engineering for a large refinery revamp and modernization program for Shell Oil Company located at Wilmington, California.

·         Chief Process Engineer on a heavy oil processing facility for Exxon at Bakersfield, California.  Developed PFDs, P&IDs, equipment specifications, line sizes, pump heads, and all other process design criteria.

·         Chief Process Engineer for the Texaco LAP’s High COD effluent and sludge disposal plant.

·         Lead Process Engineer on a number of gas treating and purification projects including a 5 billion SCFD gas program for ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia and a 1 billion SCFD gas program from Abu-Dhabi.  These included process simulations, acid gas removal, gas compression, drying, NGL removal, and fractionation systems.

·         Lead Process Engineer on a nitrogen removal from natural gas  facility for McColloch Oil Company via cryogenic processing.

·         Lead Process Engineer on a number of petrochemical plants including:

·         350,000 TPY ethylene plant for Sanyo Ethylene Company in Japan

·         ethylene plant for Hercules Petromin in Saudi Arabia

·         start-ups and troubleshooting of large ethylene plants for Caltex in West Germany and Chinese Petroleum Corp. in Taiwan

·         Manager, Process Engineering for a municipal solid waste gasification facility for the production of ammonia.  This included the design of a pilot test plant, as well as test operations.


Mark O. Loftin, J.D.

Principal Process Engineer

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Over 19 years of experience in Process/Project Engineering and in the design of processing plants and process equipment for major construction projects in the oil production, hydrocarbon processing, environmental, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.


His areas of expertise include:

·            Managing multi-discipline construction projects and support staff.

·         Performing heat and material balances by simulation using Sim-Sci’s PRO/II programming software.

·         Designing and rating of fired process heaters using PFR modeling software.

·         Developing PFD’s and P&ID’s in support of construction Projects.

·         Designing and rating heat exchangers using PRO/II and Heat Transfer Research Inc., programming software.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Designing and rating of piping and relief systems using spreadsheet models and PRO/II hydraulic simulations.

Examples of Mr. Loftin’s project experience include:

·         Lead Process Engineer for a process optimization study of two 35,000 BPD Crude Oil Fractionating Units for Ultramar Refining Inc. at the Wilmington Refinery.  Work included coordination and planning of a benchmark test run, complete pressure survey during operations, development of simulation models matching test run conditions, development of case studies to test effects of increasing crude processing rates, and evaluating construction costs of various projects to improve unit performance.

·         Lead Process Engineer for 12,000 BPSD Benzene Saturation Unit for Texaco at the Bakersfield, CA. refinery.  Work included complete unit simulation with case studies, development of all Process Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrument Diagrams, detailed design of pumping and piping systems, detailed design of fired heaters, heat exchangers, distillation column, and ancillary vessels, and design of safety relief systems.

·         Assistant Lead Engineer 25,000 BPSD Hydrotreater revamp for British Petroleum at the Belle Chase, LA refinery.  Work included complete unit simulation, development of PFD's and P&ID's, detailed process hydraulic evaluations, and issuing of equipment data sheets for pumps, heat exchangers, vessels, distillation column internals, and fired heaters, and design of safety relief systems.

·         Senior Process Engineer for 40,000 bpd oil production operation in Long Beach, CA.  Responsibilities include development and implementation of various process improvement projects for purification of produced water, design and operation of spent acid neutralization system, design of process waste handling systems, design and procurement of hydraulic lifting equipment, simulation modeling and troubleshooting for a 10 MMSCFD Natural Gas Liquids refrigeration plant, and design of H2S/Water stripping unit.


George A. Scharenberg

Principal Process Engineer

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Over 45 years e Over 40 years of experience in the process engineering field as a plant process engineer and design process engineer. He is strong in performing conceptual studies and front-end analysis with a high level of expertise in simulations; experience includes design of various refinery and gas process units throughout North and South America. He is very experienced in developing process flow diagrams, P&ID’s and equipment specifications in addition to an extensive background in designing pressure safety relief systems for hydrocarbon facilities.

Project experience includes:

·         Prepared PROII simulations to expand the Equilon Bakersfield refinery hydrocracker.

·         Working on the capacity check of various Pressure Relieving Devices in the Shell Bakersfield Refinery.

·         Prepared startup procedures for two cryogenic NGL gas plants for Pemex.Developed the catalytic reformer revamp safety design for Amoco Salt Lake City refinery.

·         Designed the front end for the FCC expansion at the Amoco Salt Lake City refinery and at the Ultramar Wilmington refinery.

·         Developed the PROII simulations to expand the crude unit for the Texaco Bakersfield refinery, the BHP Hawaii refinery and the ARCO Wilmington refinery.

·         Prepared the simulations to match plant data of the HF alkylation unit for the Ultramar Wilmington refinery.

·         Designed a catalytic naphtha hydrotreater and the safety facilities of a new C5/C6 isomerization unit at the Chevron Richmond refinery.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Designed the changes required to operate the hydrocracker and hydrogen units in the RFG mode for the Texaco Bakersfield refinery.

·         Developed the revamp for the Arco Wilmington refinery oily water system,  concluding in the installation of three IGF Unicel units to replace DAF units.

·         Participated in the planning stage of the delayed coker expansion at the Texaco LA refinery.

Dan Berrigan, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Principal Control Systems Engineer

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Over 35 years of experience in process plant design for instrumentation and control systems (I&C), including installation, start-up, and troubleshooting. Principal process included plastics, petroleum refining, coal and metalurgical extraction. Extensive experience interfacing with contractors and plant personnel in a taskforce environment, including OSHA HAZOPS teams. Worked with pneumatic, electronic, and analytical instrumentation, control and safety relief valves, safety interlocks/shutdowns and control systems (DCS, PLC, Specialties). Has extensive experience in the “hot cutover” of control systems.

Project experience includes:

·            Senior Instrument Engineer for conversion of TDC 2000 to TDC 3000 for Reformer and HDS complex

·         Failure analysis and redesign for a 20 inch (ceramic lined), buterfly control valve for H2 gas service at 1500 deg F.

·         Worked with engineering contractor on “hot cutover” procedures to convert 1100 points from penumatic to TDC 3000 also worked with contractor on 90 day hot cutover.

·         Responsible for I&C on two new compressors (FCC wet gas and Main Air Blower).  Interface at manufacturer’s site (GE Pignone, Italy) on design review and schedule status.

·            Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Applied high-speed antisurge controls, vibration, speed indicators, and alarms for two, parallel operating gas compressors.

·         Sensors and valves for Advanced Control upgrade projects for refinery coker and crude plants.

Robert Brady

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Engine/Comprssor Specialist

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Provided Engineering Services for evaluating large engine driven compressors and generator sets. Upgraded existing equipment to maximize MTBF, reliability and availability. Provided failure analysis as required.

Project experience includes:

·            Specialized in paralleling complex engine generator systems. Received a letter of appreciation from the Aerospace Corporation for solving some complex problems of paralleled units that were required for a system test.

·         Identified and took action to correct engine failures on Worthington digester gas engines at the Hyperion WWT plant.

·         Managed service centers in the fourteen Western States for a major engine manufacturer. Developed new OEM accounts and applications in the power, Ag, on-highway and construction and compression markets.

·         Identified and resolved installation and application problems (where possible) on seven microturbine sites. Prime movers included Bowman, Turbec and Ingersoll- Rand turbines.

·         Experienced in Permitting assistance.

·         Responsible for contracted repairs and services to SCE Etiwanda, Redondo Beach, Mandalay, Huntington Beach and Ormond Beach generating stations.

·         Engineered and worked with A&E’s to provide cogeneration systems to San Antonio Hospital, Henry Mayo, California Medical Center, Cal State Long Beach, CA, other industrial applications.In the past 10-15 years all systems are still operating and generating income for the sites.

·         Provided engineering assistance to resolve engine failures at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center on their ebullient cooled cogeneration system. Arranged, through the SCAQMD, to have the SCR removed from standby diesel engines. The system was an extreme hazard and was located in the basement of the facility. Authorization received from SCAQMD and EPA in two weeks.

·         Engineered, coordinated and supervised the installation of two 800 kW engine driven cogeneration units. Ebullient cooled. Low-pressure steam system used for absorbers and chilled water application.  California Medical Center, LA.

·         Identified and corrected lube oil system problems on truck engines that had caused many major engine failures.

·         Presented papers to technical and professional societies, ASME, AGMA Aerospace and others. Introduced developments in ceramics, gear measurement cogeneration systems and failure analysis.



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